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Recommended Literature / Instructional material

To become a well-rounded guitarist and improve your playing, we also recommend the following instructional books that influenced our way of approaching the guitar:

This is definitely one of the most important classics  regarding a general approach to the fretboard. This book does not tell you "Do this and do that", it rather reflects on the complexity of the guitar and derives important conclusions. Basically, it let's you think and make your own decisions. Mick Goodrick is an absolute master at opening your eyes and putting the guitar in a broader context. He and his book are absolutely underrated! However, it is definitely a highly recommended book for the library of a modern guitarist!
This classical textbook is one of the best introductions to constructing and using chords on the guitar. Ted Greene was a very gifted guitar teacher, who unfortunately passed away in 2005. However, he has left a remarkable legacy in the form of his instructional books.
This is more or less the continuation of "Chord Chemistry" and deals mainly with chord progressions or how to link individual chords. It also explains counterpoint, chord melodies and other rather advanced concepts that will improve your compositional skills enormously.
This is a book that might not be for everybody. It deals basically with Jazz harmony and is not meant for the average rock musician (who can benefit, though). Also, it is written from the perspective of a Jazz pianist and requires solid sight-reading skills. If you are into Jazz/Fusion this is THE harmony book that we would recommend. We like it because it is a hands-on book with hundreds of practical examples that let you really feel the spirit of the music!

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