www.guitar-tutorial.net - The guitar tutorial based on the extended 3-note-per-string system


Have you ever experienced some sort of guitar-burn-out syndrome? Some situation where playing your once beloved guitar becomes sheer boredom? Where you are stuck with the same old scales and positions and the only thing you do is repeat your stuff over and over....
Some sort of total lack of creativity?

You might practice more than ever, play faster than ever, but running up and down your scales is all you are able to do and you are farther than ever from playing musically....

We have gone through this phase, too. This is why we have written this guitar tutorial. Our method is a comprehensive approach that links fretboard navigation skills, technique, harmony theory and musicality and should set free a lot of creative energy.

There is lots of guitar tutorials out there, but most of them teach you only a certain technique and fail to give you the whole picture. For example they teach you how to sweep-pick up and down the fretboard very fast. But they don't tell you how you can integrate that into your overall playing and how you can make real music with it. So you end up getting a piece of the pie here and a piece of the pie there from different sources, but never the whole pie.
So you get the kind of patchwork understanding of the guitar that is characteristic of so many players: a bit of Blues scale here, a bit of harmonic minor speed runs there etc.....

We don't claim that our approach is completely new. What we have done is combine well known concepts like the 3-note-per-string technique with a comprehensive fretboard-navigation system that allows you to move in all possible directions on the fretboard at will (and actually make sense of the complexity of the guitar).

If you don't want to be confined to just a few positions but want to make use of the whole fretboard, this tutorial is for you! Our approach is pretty systematic and is built on a thorough understanding of the principles of music.

Applied in the right way it could save you years of messing around. If you have the stamina to practice the concepts layed out in this tutorial you will definitely become a better player....
Wether you are into Metal or Jazzrock, this system works pretty well!

And best thing: it is completely free!

Have fun with our tutorial!

Alex and Beej